My mission is to be a doorway to God’s love and grace while serving women inside their businesses so they can reach balance in this beautiful-chaotic life.


raising kids (pups count, too!). running a business that's full of heart. trying to keep it altogether, but you need help.

help from someone
who cares as much about your business as you do.

help from someone
WHO is self-motivated and not afraid to tackle the tedious details.

help from someone
WHO will go above and beyond to love and serve you well.

this is my calling. so you can shine in yours.

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hello, love

i'm marieanna wild

i'm on it



inbox zero is my happy place!

i'm on it


content marketing

social, blogs, & emails. done!

i'm on it


client relationship

you book. i'll on-board!

i'm on it


event, workshop, & retreat management

logistical details are kinda my thing.

Bonnie Bakhtiari

Before working with Marieanna, I felt overwhelmed by all the tasks on my plate. From our first call together, I knew that she would be the perfect addition to my team. Not only does she free up valuable time that enables me to pour into my highest points of contribution within my business, but she also seamlessly integrated herself into my business without missing a beat!

Allie Schultz

Marieanna is the sweetest most genuine person to work with. She was truly created to help empower and connect the creative world from the hustle of entrepreneurship.

If you are looking for balance, Marieanna is your girl!

Lucretia Williams

Marieanna has a true gift from the Lord to assist us boss ladies in making an even bigger impact in this world!

you are changing lives.

i'm here to give you back time so you can enjoy every minute of yours.

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