I found my calling. To help you shine in yours.


but it doesn't have to be so hard.

Stay Wild Love is my way of sharing this beautiful chaos that is life while serving creative entrepreneurs in their growing businesses.

I’m just your Midwestern, Jesus-lovin, puppy-obsessed, sun-chasing bestie who has a heart to help others find their gifts in this beautiful-chaotic life. Around here you can expect to find all things business, life and everyday struggles. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get to know each other!

In my years of being a part of the creative industry, I saw the fire go out in some of the most talented entrepreneurs because they were simply burnt out.

They had ALL the ideas, but no way of possibly wearing another hat.

The busy seasons got long and the good seasons got short.

If this all sounds too familiar, I want you to know you aren't alone in this wild journey and to keep going because it’s in the process of hard seasons where the magic happens. You are changing lives. I hope you stay wild. And believe in yourself. Because you are so talented. You are so loved. And your unique talent is so needed. The beauty is in the journey.

and i'm here to help.

entrepreneurship is wild

a wild and beautiful journey

my favorites in
this wild


This man’s smile and dimpled laugh makes me fall in love more and more each day. But above all, the grace he gives makes me a better wife, daughter and friend. #foreverwild

my favorites in
this wild


Chasing the sun and seeing the colors in the sky is a reminder to me of God’s great love. No matter the chaos in our days, He has such beautiful plans for us.

my favorites in
this wild


Slow mornings spent in prayer and asking, “God, what is it you need me to do today?” is what fills my heart with purpose.

my favorites in
this wild


There is nothing better than puppy lovin’. And without the help of my black-and-white spotted office assistant, nothing would be possible. 

i believe we all
have a story to tell.

How and who we spend our time with matters

But finding balance between work, life, slow mornings spent in prayer, and #allthethings isn't always the easiest.

I was one who wanted to do it all myself because I didn't want to look vulnerable or incompetent asking for help.

But it wasn't until I began investing in myself and letting others into my life and my business, that I began to believe in my purpose in life. In my story.

I finally understood how much time I needed to give to my family, friends and most importantly, Jesus. It was through this realization that balance began to appear in my beautiful-chaotic life.

I believe I was put into each one of my client’s lives to give them back their gifts. To help them tell their story.

To give you that time back. To give you an experience that continues to elevate your brand and your business. I want to be a part of your business as if it were my own and I want to free up the things that are holding you back so you can serve the world in ways that only you can serve.

Bonnie Bakhtiari

Before working with Marieanna, I felt overwhelmed by all the tasks on my plate. From our first call together, I knew that she would be the perfect addition to my team. Not only does she free up valuable time that enables me to pour into my highest points of contribution within my business, but she also seamlessly integrated herself into my business without missing a beat!

Shanna Skidmore

Marieanna has become an invaluable member of my team, I’ll never give her up! She helped my company streamline processes when it comes to marketing, PR and content creation while keeping our overall mission and my personal core values in mind. Her marketing efforts have played a key role in increasing our website traffic 60% month over month since she joined the team.

Cherry Blossom Events

Hiring Marieanna for event management assistance with our Camp Wed retreat was a great decision! We have produced our event for several years but we were never able to actually step away from the production side of the retreat during the 3-days. With Marieanna onsite we were able to pass off our event production logistics into talented and capable hands which allowed us to be able to be present with our attendees and Camp Counselors.

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