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I serve women in the creative industry who have Jesus at the center of every business decision, who believe in the power of community and educating others, and who are looking for balance in their wild entrepreneurship journey.


how to eliminate the unhappy in your life!

the mindset that changed my life forever and gave me a new perspective!

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the heart behind the
stay wild brand

around here, it is all about serving others.

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overcoming hard seasons of hustle

and the stay wild manifesto we live by.

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The Fear of Saying No in Business

Let’s talk about the fear of saying no in business [eeek cringe]. I know, saying no is something I struggle with on the daily. I mean no could lead to FOMO [fear of missing out], really good missed opportunities, falling behind, you name it. But I believe there is so much power in that one […]

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How to eliminate the unhappiness in your life

“When we eliminate the unhappy, we are left with nothing but happiness.” – Unknown Oh how I wish I could remember where I first heard this powerful statement so I could properly credit the person who completely changed my perspective with these words. Happiness. How many of us are on this chase for happiness? I […]

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Stay Wild

The why behind my Word of the Year: Generosity

I’ve always found the topic of choosing a “word of the year” so interesting ever since the day I first was introduced to it. Back in December of 2017, I was on a mission to truly find clarity for my purpose in not only life, but also my professional career. It felt like no matter […]

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How I hit my sales goal in year one of business

I remember like it was yesterday. Another Monday morning waking up in complete zombie mode trying to do all.the.things. At the time, I was an event planner for a $1M charity gala that was only months away, juggling the life of planning an event, coaching high school basketball, attempting to be a good wife, and […]

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