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I serve women in the creative industry who have Jesus at the center of every business decision, who believe in the power of community and educating others, and who are looking for balance in their wild entrepreneurship journey.


OUR PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT + 4 Year anniversary traditions

a sneak peek at our pregnancy announcement photos + our 3 anniversary traditions

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how to eliminate the unhappy in your life!

the mindset that changed my life forever and gave me a new perspective!

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overcoming hard seasons of hustle

and the
stay wild love
manifesto we live by.

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In four years of marriage, we’ve experienced a very long season of waiting for our family to grow. But in that season, our marriage grew stronger and our hearts have been prepared for our Wild child to join the clan in April 2020! Here are the 3 anniversary traditions we do each and every year and photos from our anniversary photo session with Kim Kedinger Photography. | Stay Wild Love #anniversary #pregnancyannouncement #buffalocheck


4 Year Anniversary Traditions + Our Pregnancy Announcement

Today marks four years married to the man God created perfectly for me. And on this anniversary, we’re celebrating something we’ve prayed for and waited on for over 2.5 years—the growth of our family! It feels almost unreal to think that a Wild child is on its way after such a long season of waiting. […]

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How a month of rest taught me my values, to stop chasing more, and remove the word should. | Stay Wild Love #values #chasingslow


What a Month of Rest Taught Me

Let’s talk about rest, BABY.  Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things… Okay I literally only know that song thanks to Pitch Perfect, but it seemed fitting for the conversation my heart wants to open up about: rest + more. Rest. More. Rest. More. Rest. […]

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Why I believe it’s important to focus on the legacy you want to build, not just the business you want to create. | Stay Wild Love #creative #entrepreneur


What does your legacy look like?

Over a year ago, I officially launched my website to this business endeavor I was beyond excited to dive into. Serving others, that’s where my heart was at, but the business side of running a business—now that, that was a completely different language to me.  I had done some virtual assistant, event planning, and freelance […]

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How my big no in business gave me my big yes in life. | Stay Wild Love #balance #essentialism


The Fear of Saying No in Business

Let’s talk about the fear of saying no in business [eeek cringe]. I know, saying no is something I struggle with on the daily. I mean no could lead to FOMO [fear of missing out], really good missed opportunities, falling behind, you name it. But I believe there is so much power in that one […]

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