If you're looking for a self-starter to tackle the tedious, I'm your girl.


stay wild love was founded on a passion for bringing order to chaos

my way of serving creative entrepreneurs like you in your growing business so you can finally have freedom.

freedom to walk away from your business at 5pm and actually enjoy dinner with your family. (phone free!)

freedom to take that dream vacay to italy without fear of everything falling apart.

freedom to get back to what you love doing most in your business with confidence that the rest is handled.

girl, i'm on it.

hello, love

i'm marieanna wild

together we will
climb mountains.

 I want to free up the things that are holding you back, so you can serve the world in ways that only you can serve.

Together, we will climb mountains. Imagine all the women you will serve and lives you will change. That's the view from the top.

You be the dreamer. I'll be the doer. Because 'doing' is my thing!

With an extensive experience in non-profit event planning managing charity galas with budgets ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000, you can bet I know how to get stuff done.

With my help, you will finally be able to loosen the fists on your business. You'll have the freedom to focus on your passion (you know, that thing that got you started in the first place!).

i'll manage the rest.

i'm on it


content marketing

your own personal editorial director :
social, blogs, & emails. done!

i'm on it


PR + Marketing

get your work in front of those who NEED it most
*limited availability*


event, workshop, & retreat management

logistical details are kinda my thing.

i'm on it

i'm on it



I'll optimize your Pinterest account to become your top website referral tool

i'm on it


virtual assistant

email management + customer support
*limited to a number of clients*


Once we decide to climb mountains together it’s time for the fun to begin! You have a strategy, but you need help with the implementation. That’s where I come in. You be the dreamer and I’ll be the doer. We will hop on a 2 hour video chat to walk through the things that are weighing you down the most. You’ll take me BTS of your business tools, email and resources so I have everything I need to give you time back. 


Then we will set up weekly team calls to check-in on projects, assign higher priority tasks and to get a pulse on how you are feeling. Bringing me onto your team is more than just a business decision, it’s a lifestyle change. And I want to make sure the value I bring to the table frees you up to do the things you love.


My calling is not to be an assistant who sits in your inbox a few hours a month. It’s to become a brand assistant who helps you run the BTS of your business for years to come. I don’t believe in short-term fixes love! Once we discover your greatest needs and work together for a few months, we will have quarterly check-ins to discuss where I can continue to step in and take tasks off your plate that are above and beyond our weekly chats. 

the process

how does this work?

i adore my clients. here's what they have to say about working together!

Before working with Marieanna, I felt overwhelmed by all the tasks on my plate. From our first call together, I knew that she would be the perfect addition to my team. Not only does she free up valuable time that enables me to pour into my highest points of contribution within my business, but she also seamlessly integrated herself into my business without missing a beat!

Bonnie Bakhtiari

Marieanna always comes to the table with fresh ideas and has a way of brainstorming through each one, carefully considering the pros/cons, and then moving forward to execute the plan.

Her marketing efforts have played a key role in increasing our website traffic 60% month over month since she joined the team. Her work performance speaks for itself.

Shanna Skidmore

Marieanna is the sweetest most genuine person to work with. She was truly created to help empower and connect the creative world from the hustle of entrepreneurship. If you are looking for balance, Marieanna is your girl!

Allie Schultz

Hiring Marieanna for event management assistance with our Camp Wed retreat was a great decision! We have produced our event for several years and have not been able to step away from the production side of the retreat during the actual 3 days of the event.
With Marieanna onsite we were able to pass off our event production logistics into talented and capable hands which allowed us to be able to be present with our attendees and attend sessions put on by Counselors we were so excited to learn from.
- Andrea + Sarah

Cherry Blossom Events

you are changing lives.

i'm here to give you back time so you can enjoy every minute of yours.

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